About Us

Red Helmet Technology is a digital innovation company with a focuses on building social innovation to make a difference using data, digital and emerging technologies.

Founded in 2018, Red Helmet Technology is privately held with its head office in Melbourne, Australia.

Building and leading the team
to make great things happen

Tarron Newman
Managing Director / Founder

Current Innovations

Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) is all around us and will accelerate further this decade. Data analytics, advanced manufacturing, machine learning, earth observations with a good splash of creativity are just some areas helping open up new ways to solve old problems, while creating new markets that once seemed only fictional.

Our team are committed to making a genuine difference and playing our part in this challenge.

It is an exciting time to push the limits, think outside the box, create new products for our clients and welcoming new ones along the journey.

We aim to be a world leading provider of next generation emergency and event management software systems.

Our current inspiring and growing, industry wide, global platforms and regionalised for local context are focused on
DisasterTech, EventTech and TransportTeach.

From small things.. big things grow.



As a for purpose organisation we share a community ethos that penetrates all aspects of our business, products and services and actively enhances the social capital of communities.

Creativity & Innovation

We strive to work with our customers to think out of the box by encouraging and fostering different ideas and tailored interactions that deliver a safer, enjoyable and smarter community.

Service Excellence

We deliver service excellence in whatever we do and work hard to exceed customer expectations and uphold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Customer Experience

We believe in working collaboratively with our customers to deliver prompt and quality service that enhances the customer and user experience in a two-way operating environment that values feedback and incubates ideas for future growth and collective success.


We are honest, act with integrity and stand behind our brand, products and services in an environment of mutual trust and satisfaction.